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Since March 2001, AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth or ANS) has built a successful track record of research, development and application of new technologies that target the evolving pharmacy market. Our mission is to be the world's premier pharmacy technology company. Through innovative open source solutions and service offerings, our goal is to enable pharmacies to facilitate higher fulfillment volumes, enhance patient care and increased profitably across their business enterprise.

The ePostRx™ solution suite assists pharmacies in managing their prescriptions more efficiently responding to such market challenges such as electronic prescribing, various business workflows and skyrocketing prescription volumes. Our solutions support all pharmacy business models, including Electronic Prescribing, Retail Chain, Retail, Mail Order, Long Term Care, Veterinary and Central Fill business models.

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ANSHealth offers two (2) affordable options much cheaper than our competitors!
Community Edition is Version1.0 of EpostRx. Using this license, it provides the freedom to modify the source code and run the program for any purpose.  Please read the IMPORTANT disclaimer below Through a formal agreement with ANSHealth, product liability protection and other certain rights are included as well as the latest functionality with source code and premium support levels.
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Although ePostRx Community Edition is free and 100% GPL, it is based upon EpostRx version 1.0 and does not support all of the  current Enterprise Edition functionality. Additionally, there are a few vendor proprietary APIs that are not included in the final GPL software bundle. These files were intentionally omitted because of non-disclosure agreements currently enforced between ANSHealth and third party vendors. If you wish to gain access to these files, you will need to purchase a commercial license so ANSHealth can enforce these agreements.


After evaluating what options were available for pharmacy management software, we selected ePostRx™ because it seamlessly integrated our business models into a single platform. As an open source application, ePostRx™ allows us to fully customize the software to meet our specific business needs and workflow requirements. Furthermore, as a web application, ePostRx™ provides RightSourceRx with an effective enterprise solution."

Humana Vice President and COO for Pharmacy Solutions


Oct 2015- AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth), announced today that  Novixus Pharmacy Services has successfully integrated ePostRx™ Enterprise Solution into their Pharmacy Offering.

Feb 2015- AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth), announced today that WellDyneRx, Inc., has successfully completed data migration and begun dispensing prescriptions using ePostRx™ as its primary pharmacy management and fulfillment solution.

May  2014- ANSHealth and  ePostRx™ successfully complete SureScripts EPCS (Controlled Substance) certification for E-Prescription routing/delivery.

March 2014 - ANSHealth teams up with Cover My Meds(CMM) to automate Prior Authorization process.

August  2013- ANSHealth successfully completes Humana RightSourceRx conversion to ePostRx™ Enterprise Solution

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